Cooking Tips Food: Don’t Overcook Your Vegetables! Make sure you don’t destroy the nutrients in your vegetables by overcooking them. If you are steaming them in a saucepan or steamer, only use a small amount of water so that you minimise the loss of nutrients in the water.

Cooking Tips Food


When cooking the omelettes for breakfast if you have trouble flipping them (like I do), cook one side then put the pan under the grill for a few minutes to cook the other side! I also like to mix my eggs and all the other ingredients in a bowl then pour it on the pan.

Prepare Your Food In Advance

Where you can, try to prepare your meals in advance. This makes it easier for you if you have a busy schedule, i.e. mixing the omelettes the night before and keeping the mixture in the fridge, chopping/cooking meat or boiling eggs the night before etc.

Keep It Tidy With Containers

I recommend buying small BPA free plastic containers to store meals in if you have a busy schedule and need to take your meals with you to work. This way you can keep your food separated. It makes it a lot easier when you’re busy!

Kitchen Scales

I recommend buying some scales for weighing your food. It is quite easy to suffer from portion distortion, so make sure you don’t.


Buy organic meat when possible and remember your portion sizes. If you don’t have your kitchen scale close by, use your hand to determine your serving size. 100g of meat is about the size of your palm (fingers not included).


Buy organic Tempeh. After opening tempeh it may be kept in the fridge for up to 7 days. Use a zip lock plastic bag or other airtight container to keep it moist and fresh. Discard if it smells unusual or has changed colour.


It is always better and cheaper to buy your legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils) dry and cook them yourself. However, if you are time poor you can buy tinned varieties. If you do buy tinned, opt for organic and stay away from brands with added salt. Also, always make sure you rinse them throughly before use.


In some of the recipes I give directions on how to cook quinoa seeds. If you want to speed up the cooking time you can buy quinoa flakes, which only takes a couple of minutes to cook. In it’s natural state quinoa has a coating of saponins, which is mildly poisonous and bitter in its taste. Don’t worry though; washing it thoroughly with water removes it. No soaking required.

Supplements should only be used to “supplement” and assist you, they are not to be used to replace a healthy and balanced diet.


Naturally produced in your body. It helps your body burn fat as energy. L-carnitine has also been shown to reduce fatigue and serve as an appetite suppressant. L-carnitine is a great supplement to take when you are dieting. It will not only help your body burn stored fat, but it will increase your aerobic capacity.

When to take: Take 2g first thing in the morning. Should be used daily for maximum effect, so even on rest days.

Organic Raw Protein

Regarded as the ‘building blocks’ of muscle, used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to help with muscle recovery, muscle repair, lean muscle growth and general health. Remember, the more muscle you have the more fat you burn! When to take: Your protein powder should assist you reaching your protein requirement and can thus be used as is or as part of a recipe on a daily basis.